Sorana and Radu

Wedding at Conacul Lunca Popii

When we heard that, after the first conversation with Sorana and Radu, we would take part to a wedding outside Bucharest, in the region of Sighisioara, in a scenic village which we had visited recently, we were very enthusiastic about it. And we were right. The wedding took place outdoor, in a dream setting, a place filled with beautiful people. We experienced a genuine and true wedding throughout the event, sensing the bride and groom’s comfort and joy for everything around them.  As for us, we obviously had the entire freedom to do whatever we wished. 

We experienced a more tensed moment when a sudden storm seemed to come over the village within sight, when most of the guests, the groom’s mother on top of them, took their hands and joined their positive thoughts in a “wave” of nice and sunny weather, which blew the storm to the background sky. Afterwards, a party to remember followed, in celebration to the bride and groom, but also to the victory over nature. 

Sorana and Radu, we thank you very much for your confidence and the freedom you gave us, we hope you will love what you’ll see. Your happiness was contagious to us, and the wedding, your wonderful family, your friends, the setting and energy, brought smiles on our face while photographing and made us feel like we came there as guests.     

Until soon! 

Ozana and Cristian 

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