The people behind Photogenica project and its creative force are us, Ozana and Cristi, husband and wife, friends and humans, sharing the same philosophy of life and a tremendous passion for photography.

Our approach in wedding photography is a photojournalistic one, focusing on capturing the real moments of your day, in an intimate and personal way. This is the reason we encourage you to show us your truly self, not the best version of you, but the real you.
We are living in Bucharest, Romania and travel all around the world for weddings. Five years ago, we decided to change our life from a banking career to a charming photography life. Yes, banking was somehow at the opposite of our current carreer but isn’t human life full of contradictions and opposites?

So, we think that we need those contrasts in life – in every way! In love, in lust, in food, in travel, in photography.

Our inspiration comes from the world around us: the people we meet, the streets we hunt, the music we listen and the books we read.
We love a good cup of coffee, so what do you say to drink one together or plan a Skype meeting? To share us who you are, what you love and maybe will talk about your wedding, too.