Nicole and Mihai

Wedding at Biavatti

We have been driven by passion in most of our actions for a while now. And, when you put passion in what you do, it will turn out great, whatever it is. You fully enjoy the path of your actions and you find resources to overcome difficult times, no matter how hard they are, and finish what you started.

One of the things we love and do passionately, is wedding photography and the people that we meet in our journey, are also full of various passions. We have met people passionate about travelling, cooking, helicopters, mountains, cars, whiskey, antiques, fishing, photography, the sea, snowboarding, planes, flowers, shoes, etc. And it’s wonderful to talk to this people and see the pathos in their eyes when they speak about the things that define them.

This clearly reminds us of our first meeting with Nicole and Mihai, when we rambled on and on about two of their passions, coffee and music, for hours. We have plenty of coffee and music in our lives. Every day. There is no doubt about it. Another passion they have is riding the Vespa.

And from that point on, the photography story unravelled naturally. We didn’t have to come up with crazy and weird ideas that had nothing to do with the bride and groom. Instead, we documented their most precious moments, no matter how ordinary they might have seemed to some. Because their wedding day was about them and each wedding had to have its own story.

Here is the story of their wedding, as seen by us, and as lived by them, together with their loved ones.

Nicole and Mihai, we are happy to have been by your side, we enjoyed with you each and every moment of your wedding and we hope that our images paint the true picture of your very cool wedding. We are looking forward to continuing our conversations over a good cup of coffee and discover together, other passions that define us.

With friendship,

Ozana and Cristi

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