Dana and Mircea

Wedding at TreeHouse Cosoba Forest

How cool these people are!

We are in our comfort zone every time we take pictures of people we have already met, as we know from the beginning what to expect to, skipping the introduction and the memorizing on the spot faces and names parts. This was the case this time, too. We had met Dana at her sister’s, Diana, wedding, two years ago, their family conquering our hearts for goods. We know them all, we love them all and we had been missing “their being in the act”. And action it was!

Although it was a small wedding (only with the very loved ones) and although it took place in the daytime (it lasted no later than midnight), it was a full menu wedding.

The first half of the day was governed by excitement, during preparations, where the people closed to the bride and groom, the parents and Diana’s grandmothers on top of them, were very emotional, and especially at the church, were the emotions turned into tears. For the rest, the atmosphere was loosened up, the people were very relaxed, jolly, laughing all the time, enjoying this day to the fullest.

The wedding went on at TreeHouse Cosoba Forest, outdoor, near the forest, in an idyllic setting, with children playing all the time, and adults eagerly having fun, releasing the energy and dancing under the blue sky and under the moonlight.

Dana and Mircea leave behind not only a great wedding party, but also their loving families as they return to USA, where they are living their every day life.

Our dear Diana and Mircea, we are happy to have been together again at another family party. You are surely good at making weddings with attitude! 😀

Our dear Diana and Mircea, we thank you for choosing us to be there on such a special day to you! You were very relaxed, enjoyed your weeding day and we wish the pictures we took of you showed it!

In friendship,
Ozana and Cristi

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