Anca and Alex

Wedding at the lagoon

And we are not talking about the Blue Lagoon, but the Razim Lagoon.

Did you know that this Lagoon, or coast as it is also called, is the largest stretch of sweet water in Romania? And did you know that this is not a knowledge contest, it’s just us, trying to tell you about Anca and Alex’s wedding that, coincidence or not, took place in this incredibly beautiful place and, coincidence or not, we had the chance to document it. And we don’t think it was a coincidence because the bride and groom were from Tulcea, they both loved the Danube and its fauna, they were both lively and free people, just like this place and they both put a great emphasis on normality and nature.

We had met them about one year before their wedding when a common friend had recommended them to us. We even had the chance to spend a few days camping in the Danube area, together with their group of friends. Thus, we had some time to get to know them. And, although we usually try not to create expectations about what’s going to happen with a wedding, this time, we knew it was going to be a great party, considering who we were dealing with. And we were right!

Although we worked nonstop, taking pictures from noon till the next day at dawn, we did not get tired at all, we were completely relaxed and we felt like home. Because the bride and groom and their loved ones were a “bunch” of warm and authentic people who wanted nothing from us, who minded their own business and enjoyed every single moment spent together. They fished, they ate pizza, they drank beer, a lagoon of beer. :))

The ceremony took place on the shore – they couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate location – and everything went smoothly until the evening came. Then, things started going anyway but smoothly, until dawn.

Photographically speaking, we did not have that perfect sunrise – place, altitude, longitude, redness, etc., but we do remember the laugh and the sweet fatigue in the eyes of the bride and groom who were satisfied with their wedding day in the end.

Anca and Alex, we are thrilled to have been with you on those moments and we really hope that our pictures treat your truly cool party at its right value.

Sincerely yours,

Ozana and Cristi

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